Gde raste bambus?

Where does bamboo grow?

Because it is most commonly found and used in the East Asia countries, it is usually believed that those are the only natural habitats of the bamboo plant. But is it really so?


Bamboo’s natural habitats can be found in 5 continents: Asia, Africa, North and South America, as well as in Australia. Bamboo does not grow only in Antarctica and Europe. By coincidence or not, only in Antarctica and Europe there are no diamonds, either.


Bamboo grows in the tropical and subtropical parts of Asia, Africa and South America, spreading northward to the areas in the USA and China, and southward to Patagonia. Bamboo also grows in the north part of Australia.

Bamboo can be found in some forests as the secondary plant, but in some cases it is the dominant plant. Such forests are found in north India and mountainous part of East Africa, where there are areas of several thousand square kilometres under bamboo.

Bamboo can endure extreme climate conditions, which most of the other plants can’t. Some species can grow in the areas above 4,000 meters above the sea, in the Andes and Himalayas, holding up well in the thin air and temperatures down to -20° Celsius.

Bamboo Forests in Japan

Bamboo Forests in Japan

Because of its adaptability and minimal requirements in terms of growth and development, today we can encounter bamboo in several continents all over the world. That is fortunate and a rare privilege, especially if one knows how many possibilities and benefits this plant brings to the planet.